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james o'connor
5/8/2017 04:32:53 am

I think you should put your phone number in the white space available on the online menu page. Just above the MENU would be perfect. I had to hunt the number down to phone in a take-out order. You wouldn't want me to go somewhere else for lunch...would you?

9/9/2017 10:48:32 am

What a mess! I actually have to look up a telephone number in an antiquated device like a 'phone book'!???????

I have been coming to the Dew Drop for over 55 years and I can say without equivocation that this quaint restaurant is THE place to go, with, or without family. It has a great family atmosphere where you feel like part of a community of people who know where to get great food. I just hope that the Dew Drop never closes.

Glassy Hooker
7/24/2018 08:19:25 pm

We made the trip from Texas to Alabama to fish in the 2018 Orange Beach Billfish Classic. At tournament check-in we received a brown paper sack full of Dew Drop hot dogs and another filled with cheeseburgers. Thank y’all for the outstanding hot dogs! We gobbled them down on the boat and look forward to visiting next time we’re in Mobile.


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